Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Word.....

We missed church last week because I was sick. However, our pastor sent us the notes so we wouldn't miss out. One of the challenges was instead of the typical new year's resolutions (which most of the time get broken) was to come up with one word.

It is easy to think of things that I want to improve on, but narrowing it down to a single word was difficult. I spent the week thinking and praying and trying to determine what my word should be. It wasn't until we were driving to church in a heavy snow on slick roads that I committed to it.

The drive wasn't what committed me though, it was my husband asking me. I had been bugging him all week to tell me if he came up with a word and what it was, but he wouldn't tell me. Well, on the drive this morning he asked me; I said I wasn't sure yet. I finally told him that the word that kept coming back to me is "focused". However, once I said it, I decided that was it. I had wrestled all week long trying to come up with something else and I ended up where I started. I finally got James to tell me his word, but if you want to know you'll have to ask him :)

I am not entirely sure how my word will affect me, but it definitely gives me a lot to think about. I hope that when I get distracted by things in life that I can stop, think about what I need to be focused on and then follow through. Sometimes that may be the thing I was working on in the first place and other times it may be that I need to shift my focus somewhere else; but I hope that I will take the time to determine where my time and energy (my "focus") is best spent.

I think this was a great challenge and I encourage you to try it!!!

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Rachel said...

Awesome post!! I wish you luck on your "word".

In the scrappy industry they have been doing something similar and you do an album on the word and what you do with it. That might be something you want to do to see your progression through the year.

Hugs to both of you!!

I am curious as to what James is. Is hard to get it out of him? :)