Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe it is already 2011

2010 went by way too fast, I guess that means I am getting old :(

We had lots of people up to our house for Thanksgiving this year, it was a great time with LOTS of food! It was fun to cook so much in our own home and have family and friends come to visit. We missed seeing those that couldn't make it, but enjoyed not having to travel.

Christmas was again a great time with friends and family! Each time we get together I am reminded how blessed I am! I couldn't ask for a better family, in-laws, extended family and friends.

I hope to be better at updating my blog this year :) we'll see if I can keep up with it; I apologize in advance for any ramblings that may occur in my attempt to do so...

Since it is much more fun to see pictures than just read, here is a pic of my new "toy"

It is my hope and prayer that all of us will have a wonderful and prosperous year!

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Rachel said...

Neat-O gift!! Can't wait to see/hear what you do with it.

We really miss you guys! Hopefully soon we will be able to get together.